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About The Distillery

Whiskey’s Auto Distillery isn't your run-of-the-mill auto shop. Let's start with the name. Whiskey - yes, that's his legal name - is the president, lead technician and visionary behind Whiskey's Auto Distillery. Now, a distillery is typically a place that creates fine spirits, and Whiskey envisioned something quite similar for his shop. Just as a distillery is a place where minds come together to formulate exciting new spirits, Whiskey's Auto Distillery brings together auto enthusiasts with a veteran team of technicians, fabricators, designers, and painters to create custom works of art.

At Whiskeys, we take pride in our attention to detail. Whether we are building an engine, assembling a car, doing interior work or painting, our customers are treated like family, and for family we only do the best.

Whiskey’s Auto Distillery has a different take on vehicle customization and restoration. When you come to whiskeys, it isn't like going to your high profile custom repair shop that only cares about profits and charges you out the a** for every modification. Coming to Whiskeys is more of a lifestyle choice, and that's because Whiskey has built his world around strong relationships. Whether he's rebuilding custom choppers for his fellow Hessian brothers, bringing new clients into his circle or feeding the homeless in downtown Las Vegas, people want to be a part of his crew. And anyone can agree - once you have a strong relationship with a new client or close friend, you will go out of your way to make sure that the work performed is of the highest quality. Shortcuts are never taken because Whiskey plans on making every new client a lifetime customer.

What’s the story behind the name Whiskey’s Auto Distillery?

Just a play on words - Whiskey is legal name. Distillery is a place that makes fine spirits/wine - we make fine autos.

How would you say you are different from other custom auto shops?

Coming to Whiskeys is more of a lifestyle choice. People want to be part of Whiskeys world - who we are and what we do. People just want to be apart of Whiskeys Distillery.

What is your specialty at Whiskey’s Auto?

The attention to detail. Your 1 stop shop that can do anything to your car. We pay attention to detail to make sure everything matches and things don’t look out of place. Attention to detail is much higher due to close relationships.

What are a few of your proudest accomplishments?

Well, my favorite build ever is hands down my orange 63' Impala. It gets looks everywhere it goes. But my biggest accomplishment by far is my reputation and my crew. I've always wanted to be known for being good to other people, not just for a car or something. I want to be known as the guy that will give you the shirt off my back - and I feel like people who know me understand that and respect me for it.

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